Bodywork Statement

There are many layers of experience to be held during any form of bodywork. A lot of my practice involves following those subtle tones of information your body gives me.
My intuition and my hands will adjust to your physical, emotional, and energetic state.
A significant part of my job is finding those tissues which are wanting, craving, and needing attention.
What I am good at is going deep. Unfolding those inner layers of ache and allowing them to be felt, and hopefully released. Sometimes I might feel a “swoosh” of sadness, anger or anxiety shooting up my arm and into my chest, and I know something has been let go or acknowledged.
It is my goal each time to give you a touch of transformation in the form of relief. To forget your false self, and feel your true self even just for a few moments. I do this often by sneaking some small seconds of Craniosacral throughout the massage and saying hello to your nervous system.
I also offer full Craniosacral sessions upon request, if you are looking for a more meditative, “truer self” experience.



60 minutes: $90
90 minutes: $130
All types of massage are the same price. I offer Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Craniosacral. You can correspond with me through text, email, or my contact form to communicate.
(360) 977-2950