Artist Statement

Taylor Mohr
There is a dreamlike quality to art that I cannot resist. Stepping into that dream consciously is quite a wondrous experience of being creative.
This affair is never stronger than when I am painting someone’s support animal. The intimacy and bond I form is something born of magic, and I can only hope it is passed onto the animal’s human counterpart.
While I cannot find your animal for you, they do give me bits of information while I’m working with them. Such as, which powerful qualities they possess, and extend to you; or if there is something they are wanting for you.
You may not know your animal yet, but if you are willing to try it can be surprisingly easy to find them on your own or with the help of someone you trust. Please feel free to email me and ask for more information on finding your guide.
Even if there is just an animal you feel very drawn to, they are probably with you in some way, and I would be happy to paint them for you. I am also available to do cat portraits of your companions of this dimension.




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